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Sarah + Jake's Engagement


These people should be on the cover.

Maybe Southern Weddings Magazine would be more appropriate but I say any magazine would be lucky to have them on the cover! I had so much fun with these two at the Braggs Mitchell Mansion. Even though it was super early in the morning (for me at least lol), the light was absolutely killer. I mean real killer. They were so fun to work with and I loved getting to see them love on each other. I remember back when my hubby and I got engaged; those pictures are still some of my favorites of all time. That is one of my favorite things about engagements. I get to work with  these two beautiful people, who are about to make the best and biggest decision of their lives. I get to be there at the beginning and see them through to their big day. I am going to cry when they have their first dance. I am going to cry when she walks down the aisle besucase I genuinely feel the excitement that they feel. Thank you to all the couples who have chosen me because that is the greatest gift I could ever ask for! 

Beach Proposal Jordan + Kenadee

Proposals y'all.

They kill me! 

Seriously, I can't help but melt over this huge secret that I had to keep for weeks! Jordan's plan was to propose during the family shoot because his whole family would be there. 

We started by having each couple stand back then turn around on the count of three and embrace each other. Ill be honest, it was the most awkward thing ever lol! It was so cheesy. But everyone was in on the secret so they played along. Kenadee wasn't really into it but thank God we got her to to do it!

When she turned around and saw Jordan down on his knee she burst into tears! It was the most romantic engagement ever! After we got the picture of all the girls admiring the ring, Jordan approached me with an idea. He wanted to do a guys picture with all guys morning his wallet! 

And all the guys said amen. 

It turned out to be such a fun and perfect evening! 

Plus his niece and nephew almost stole the show with their cuteness!

Couple Shoot Max + Sarah

Seriously, how photogenic are these two!? 

Pink azaleas

 Springtime beauty

Cutest couple ever

I really enjoy my couples who trust me and are willing to go on an adventure with me to get the perfect shot. Some couples come with a mile long list of poses they want me to re-create but the real magic happens when we are both genuinely relaxed and having a great time. 

For a weeks I had my eye on this neighborhood that was beyond gorgeous. Of course these two crazies were down to explore with me so we took a walk through the historic district. It is going to be one of my new favorite places to shoot because it turned out to be so fun! 


Lesson learned: always explore and take risks!

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